Sustainability-related disclosures

Following a compliance exercise undertaken in 2020 with the support of an independent lawyer, NEC and all its funds have prepared the ESG Disclosure document in March 2021, as well as the relevant pre-contractual disclosure and disclosure to investors as per SFDR and Taxonomy requirements.

In 2022, in line with the SFDR Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) and Taxonomy requirements for Article 9 funds, NEC is enhancing its transparency by publishing the appropriate sustainability-related disclosures. These apply to all funds managed by NEC, in particular, NESF,  NPIIINPUK and NPV.

NEC will continue to monitor compliance and is working towards compliance with the ongoing obligations which are yet to come into force.

If you need further details please download our FAQ on how the regulation applies, how NEC’s fund are classified and what are next steps of compliance.