Our Mission is to generate a more sustainable future by leading the transition to clean energy

The NextEnergy Group  actively participates in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions through the development, operation and financing of renewable energy infrastructure assets.
We are focused on combining this mission with the achievement of attractive financial returns for our investors and clients.

One of our fundamental beliefs is that the combination of these two objectives will accelerate the global deployment of renewable energy power generation, leading to incremental environmental benefits and long-term economic competitiveness.


Our Vision is being the Best Investment Manager and Operating Asset Manager Specialized In Solar Energy

How do we do it?
Leadership – we strive to be better than anybody else in the renewable energy sector. From who we are to what we do, we aspire to gaining the lead of our industry and inspire others to follow
Innovation – we relentlessly invest time and resources in thinking next and continuously rethinking and improving every single detailed aspect of our activity
Teamwork – we passionately work together in a team towards a shared mission and loyally care about each team member as individuals as well as professionals
Ethics – we uphold the strongest ethical standards and intend to promote social activities beyond our core business
Overperformance – we are by choice specialist in one sector to reach excellence and overperform. We are focused to delivering unrivalled accomplishments in our field of expertise

To help us achieve our mission and shape our business, we have created a set of values to inspire us.

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