Corporate Social Responsibility

Covid Response

When the pandemic struck, we rapidly moved from an office-based workplace to a more remote workplace – literally overnight.  We were able to do this because of the technology, structure and culture we have in place, and we have been both proud and thankful for the way our people have responded.  We have successfully transformed our business, with little or no disruption.  In fact, the pandemic has increased focus on renewable energies and sustainable investment, and our business continues to grow stronger.


Our values are important to us.  They are a common thread through our business, informing the way we work, the way we treat each other, and ultimately how we behave and perform as a business, as teams and as individuals.  We want to create a great workplace, and we are proud of our values and the way our people live up to them.  Find out more about each of the individual values, and the story behind them.

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Our culture is something we have worked hard to nurture and cultivate, giving our people the environment, structure and empowerment to be leaders at every level and bring their alpha to their work.  Each year, we conduct an employee engagement survey; and in our most recent survey, 100% of our colleagues were proud to work for NextEnergy Capital.  Our engagement survey has also helped us to focus on how we can help support and develop our people in the future.  Throughout, we have a constant commitment to diversity, and within our business, we have over 12 nationalities and a 60/40 male/female split.


We are working on developing our Internal Sustainable Procurement Policy to ensure that all of the products used by our employees and in the office are procured and disposed of sustainably. The Policy will be available soon.