Our Sustainability Strategy and Framework

NextEnergy Group’s Sustainability Framework is the foundation of our Sustainability Strategy and structures our concerted approach to sustainability as a Group.

The Sustainability Strategy is underpinned by a Framework which begins with our mission and is orientated by three ESG priority areas: People, Nature and Prosperity. The focus topics which underlie each priority area align with the global ESG agenda and are important for our business activities, the solar industry, and our Values. They are those for which we have, or will develop, a Group-wide approach in order for our Group companies to advance their sustainable leadership efforts together.

We are confident that if we nurture protective, collaborative and innovative environments, we will advance improved outcomes for both the Group and our stakeholders, and we see Good Governance, Stakeholder Engagement and Supply Chain Management as the levers through which to do so.

Our Framework is supported by NEC’s Sustainable Investment (“SI”) Policy and Procedures, as well as our publicly available Climate ChangeBiodiversity and Human Rights Position Statements. This set of policies is complemented by our supply chain risk management commitments, which are based on a publicly available Supplier Code of Conduct. All policies and codes are reviewed regularly by the Head of the ESG team, and approved and signed by senior management of the firm.

We are also developing action plans to support the broader Sustainability Strategy. These include a Climate Transition and Net Zero Plan which follows the TCFD/ISBB recommendations; a Nature Plan which considers nature-related interdependencies to deliver nature-positive outcomes aligned with the TNFD framework; and, a Stakeholder and Community Engagement Plan. More details about these plans are in our flagship Group Sustainability Report.