NextEnergy Group supports two LGBTQ charities as part of its commitment to diversity

London, 20 October 2022 – NextEnergy Group, a leading player in the global solar sector, is pleased to announce its support for two charities operating in the LGBTQ space, the Human Dignity Trust (“HDT”) and Associazione per la Cultura e l’Etica Transgenere (“ACET”).

The HDT is an international organisation which uses strategic litigation to defend the human rights of LGBTQ people; it works with LGBTQ activists and a network of the 25 leading global law firms and barristers. Together, the NextEnergy Group and the HDT are supporting a grassroots organisation with which the HDT has been working since 2015. The organisation seeks to sustain a positive and supportive domestic environment for the LGBTQ community in a jurisdiction where it is criminalised.

The second charity is ACET. Founded in 2020, ACET is the only organisation dedicated exclusively to the transgender and gender non-conforming community in Milan, Italy. The NextEnergy Group is supporting ACET to train a team of volunteers so that this young charity can better navigate the charity space in Italy and strengthen the support it can provide to the community it represents. This is particularly important to address the intersectionality between sexuality and immigration which several organisations operating in the LGBTQ space in Italy have identified as a key intervention area.

These donations demonstrate the NextEnergy Group’s constant commitment to raise the Corporate Social Responsibility benchmark in the global solar sector. Going forwards, the Group will continue to evolve our approach to diversity and inclusion in order to best support our people and communities.

Neil Copeman, Global Head of Commercial and LGBTQ Inclusion Lead said: “We’re proud to support HDT and ACET. These charities provide critical support to LGBTQ communities and the funding they receive helps to transform people’s lives.”

Heather Lizamore, Group HR Director, added: “A culture of inclusion is something we work hard to cultivate across our Group. We will continue to look for opportunities to expand this spirit of tolerance and acceptance outside our organisation, and to find ways to make a material difference to the lives of people facing injustice and marginalisation.”


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