NextEnergy Group Launches its New Sustainability Strategy

London, February 14th, 2024 – NextEnergy Group is thrilled to launch its new Sustainability Strategy and supporting Framework in its flagship Group Sustainability Report.

Over the last year, NextEnergy Group’s ESG team led a review of the Group’s approach to ESG and sustainability. The new Sustainability Strategy provides the impetus for us to continue to proactively identify areas to effect positive change for people and planet.

NextEnergy Group has been on a mission to contribute to a more sustainable future by leading the transition to clean energy since 2007. In line with our Corporate Value to Be Responsible, our teams work to ensure that this transition generates prosperity in a way that benefits all our stakeholders. The new Strategy remains relevant to all our Group companies’ business objectives and reflects the current and future sustainability and ESG landscapes. It will ensure that ESG and sustainability considerations continue to be fully integrated across the whole investment process and the ownership phase of the projects we invest in.

The Sustainability Strategy is underpinned by a Framework which begins with our mission and is orientated by three ESG priority areas: People, Nature and Prosperity.

Giulia Guidi, Head of ESG, NextEnergy Group, commented:

“I am thrilled to launch NextEnergy Group’s new Sustainability Strategy and supporting Framework. Our teams’ professionalism, passion and dedication to generating a more sustainable future are key strengths which have enabled us to develop our best-in-class approach to ESG. I have no doubt that this Strategy will strengthen the collaboration between NextEnergy Group’s companies so that we will continue to effect positive change through our common mission.”

Michael Bonte-Friedheim, Founder & CEO, NextEnergy Group commented:

“The new Sustainability Strategy strengthens NextEnergy Group’s commitment to responsibly leading the transition to clean energy generation and ensuring a more prosperous future for people and planet. We are driven to continue being leaders in developing and implementing best-in-class sustainability strategies and actions. I look forward to the ESG initiatives set in motion by this Strategy in the coming year. This includes the release of our commitment to achieving Net Zero for the Group during 2024, and our ongoing efforts in the formulation of an emissions reduction plan which will specifically address the financed emissions associated with our funds’ operations.”

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