NextEnergy Group Announces “NextSTEP” a New Sustainable Innovation Accelerator

  • Targeting startups focused on sustainability and environmental technologies
  • In partnership with the leading sustainability accelerator program VeniSIA
  • NextEnergy Group to provide initial €3m funding

London, October 19, 2022 – NextEnergy Group is pleased to announce it has formed a new accelerator named “NextSTEP” for NextEnergy Sustainable Technology for the Planet.  The investment initiative is dedicated to financing the creation and growth of new start-ups specialized in environmental sustainability, providing both seed-capital and business support.  The transition to a more sustainable economy has never been more necessary, and the introduction of NextSTEP aims to help accelerate the penetration of innovative technologies and sustainable initiatives in a variety of sectors.

NextSTEP aims to support committed entrepreneurs and start-ups that are developing innovative solutions and technologies focused on environmental sustainability, ranging from clean mobility and sustainable urbanization, energy transition, circular economy, CO2 emissions reduction and sequestration.  The accelerator will also promote the creation, through a dedicated Start-up Studio program, of new ventures designed to address identified needs and market gaps, as an incubator of ideas and innovative businesses.

In launching NextSTEP, NextEnergy has partnered up with experienced professionals and institutions with specific track-record in innovation and start-up acceleration:

Prof. Carlo Bagnoli, Innovation Strategy Professor at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, who brings a wealth of experience in understanding and identifying new business models and technologies. Carlo is currently Scientific Director of “VeniSIA”, the leading sustainability ecosystem based in Venice (
Mr. Claudio Colombo, Accelerator Program Director of VeniSIA, with 15 years’ experience in identifying, scaling up and investing in new ventures, and Strategy Innovation Srl, a university spin-off focused on innovation.

NextEnergy Group will provide the initial seed funding of more than €3m, to be invested across 10-20 early-stage startups, mainly based in Europe and the United Kingdom.  NextSTEP will also be able to leverage on NextEnergy Group’s in-depth know-how and network from its extensive experience in global renewables investing.

Several start-ups are already under consideration by the NextSTEP team. To submit new proposals and get in touch with NextSTEP, candidates can fill out the form on the website

NextSTEP is a Benefit Corporation  and promotes the worldwide movement of B Corps, in line with its ethical principles and pursuit of the common good.

Aldo Beolchini, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer of NextEnergy Group, commented:
NextSTEP represents a natural expansion for the NextEnergy Group.  We have decided to deploy the experience, know-how and financial strengths of the Group to promote innovative initiatives in a wide range of sustainability applications, even beyond our core renewable industry.  NextSTEP will promote new sustainable solutions to the critical challenges of our time, and we will support the accelerator in investing with impact and in an ethical manner”.

More info about NextEnergy Group
NextEnergy Group is a global leader in the solar and renewable energy sector with a mission to generate a more sustainable future by driving the transition to clean energy. The Group is active since 2007, has c.250 employees around the world, operates in nine countries across Europe, the Americas and India and is made up of three leading companies specialized in developing, financing and managing renewable energy projects and a charitable foundation.

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