NextEnergy Foundation: appointment of new Trustee

London, October 26, 2022 – NextEnergy Foundation (“NEF”), an international charity providing clean energy and sustaining livelihoods through renewable sources, is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Trustee, Mrs. Noline Matemera.

Noline brings a wealth of experience to the Foundation as she is a Partner at a top 40 UK law firm where she heads up the UK Financial Services Regulation practice.  Financial Services play a crucial role in the transition to a more sustainable future; harnessing Noline’s experience to develop and design purposeful and responsible capital allocations will strengthen and drive the Foundation forward. Noline joins the Foundation’s four existing Trustees with immediate effect.

Noline is passionate about Africa and other developing world geographies playing their part in the global environmental, social and governance agenda. Noline is also actively involved in her firm’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, including leading the Race and Inclusion Network.

Since 2016, NEF has been contributing to poverty alleviation by providing clean power sources and related technologies in regions where they are not yet available. Through these efforts, the Foundation participates proactively in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Noline’s legal background and the experience from the trusteeships held with other charitable institutions will contribute to maturing the international presence which NEF has cultivated since its inception.

Abid Kazim, a co-founder and Trustee of the NextEnergy Foundation, said:

“I am excited by Nolines addition to the NextEnergy Foundation; her professional and personal background will enhance the diversity the Foundation’s governance. Nolines passion to bring underserved regions to the fore in the development agenda will further the NextEnergy Foundations efforts to generate a more sustainable future for all.


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NextEnergy Foundation is an international charity which was founded in 2016. Our mission is to participate proactively in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, provide clean power sources in regions where they are not yet available, and contribute to poverty alleviation.  To date, the Foundation has given over £660,000 in grants to projects in 26 countries, contributing to 15 of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. For more information about the NextEnergy Foundation please visit:


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NextEnergy Foundation is part of the NextEnergy Group, a leading player in the global solar and renewable energy sector with a mission to generate a more sustainable future by leading the transition to clean energy. For more information about the NextEnergy Group please visit:



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