NextEnergy Capital is pleased to announce the release of its 2021 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”) Report

London, October 25th, 2021 – As we approach COP26, this standalone report evidences our commitment to the highest levels of transparency and disclosure in regard to our contributions towards climate change mitigation and to positive global societal impacts.

By offering investors an opportunity to decarbonise their portfolio, NextEnergy Capital (NEC) is consistently facilitating the transition towards sustainable energy while simultaneously contributing to other social targets and community benefits.

Over the last three years NEC has built up its data track record, enabling us to report on our historical impacts, such as the 1,794 kt CO2e avoided since the first fund’s inception in 2014, equivalent to removing over 593,000 petrol cars of the road and powering over 1 million homes sustainably.

This year, the report has expanded to include additional SDG targets that encompass issues that have been identified as material to the NEC Group. Going forwards, NEC is committed to evolving our reporting and disclosure activities towards the utmost levels of transparency.

Please find the 2021 SDG Report available to view and download in the reporting section of the NEC website at: