Nextenergy Capital and Kenergia launch WiseEnergy Italia

London, December 10th, 2008 – The company will manage the entire lifecycle of plants larger than one Megawatt, offering all of the competencies needed for efficiently managing solar plants. WiseEnergy’sfirst clients will be solar power plants developed by NextEnergy Capital.

The company will operate in Italy and abroad. Milan, 10 December –NextEnergy Capital, a leading European merchant bank for the renewable energy sector, and Kenergia, the specialist photovoltaic technical advisor announce the creation of WiseEnergy, the first company dedicated solely to the management of solar plants.WiseEnergyaims to be the one-stop shop to coordinate and effectively manage the entire life cycle of a solar energy plant, offering all of the post-construction competencies needed for managing plants of 1 MWpor above.

The company will work with investment funds, private companies and investors who intend to invest in solar energy but do not want to set-up expensive structures to manage their investment; banks that intend to guarantee the independent management of plants they have financed; institutional investors interested in maximizing the returns on their investments in the renewable energy sector.