Asset Management: WiseEnergy achieves milestone of over 1,000 MW of renewable energy plants under management!

London, March 1st, 2013 – WiseEnergy Group, the leading global company specialized in management services for renewable energy plants, surpasses 1GW of assets managed. The Company currently

manages, on behalf of investors, family offices, investment funds, utilities and construction companies approximately 1,000 individual plants, mainly represented by PV plants greater than 1MW, with a portfolio value of nearly 3,6 Billion Euros and an annual production of 1.3 TWh.

WiseEnergy’s services cover all technologies of renewable energy sources and the entire life cycle of the plants: from the development to the construction, from the ordinary administration to the revamping and to the management of extraordinary events. The company’s mission is to become a full service entity for its clients providing a complete range of technical, financial, administrative and operational services. WiseEnergy is able to protect and enhance the long term quality of plants, optimize financial performance and contribute to a stable cash flow. Moreover, thanks to several partnerships, the company can benefit from stable relationships with top International players and can consequently offers its clients advantages in terms of supply of technology, and established relationships with major banks for debt financing and with insurance groups.

“An increasing number of owners of PV plants and lenders to them and other sources of renewable energy plants are requesting our preventive support in order to ensure a best-practice and best-in-class management of their assets” declares the Company in a statement. “The milestone of 1,000 MW under management represents a significant achievement but, at the same time, just an intermediate step of WiseEnergy’s development strategy that confirms the company as the leading player with the most important growth rate in the market “.

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