Aldo Beolchini, CFO of NextEnergy Capital, speaker at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office conference on European low carbon infrastructure projects

London, September 27th, 2013 – Provisional programme
European low carbon infrastructure projects: aligning policy, investment and development priorities
Friday 1 November 2013 | WP1282
Key to securing Europe’s energy and economic future is the creation of regional and national energy policy that promotes investment in low carbon infrastructure projects. The region’s future growth depends on a successful low carbon transition: even by exploiting unconventional fossil fuels, liberalising energy markets and improving interconnection, Europe will not be able to compete with a shale-powered US on energy prices.
Private finance is set to become more important than ever in delivering on mitigation targets, as well as on building more resilience to climate change. However, political, regulatory and financial risks are slowing private sector engagement.
This Wilton Park conference, in association with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, will enable participants from the international finance, project development and European policymaking communities to open a discussion on removing barriers to investment and adopting strategies and frameworks for facilitating the mobilisation of capital into regional low carbon projects. The conference aims to change investor perceptions, debate the risks on low carbon infrastructure projects and raise awareness of opportunities that outweigh the risks.

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