Transparency & Reporting

PRI Annual Report

NextEnergy Capital has been a Signatory to UNPRI since 2016.

Our annual report can be found here.

Our Contribution to the UN SDGs

Our Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals outlines the framework we have developed to evaluate ourselves and measure our impact on the world around us.

NEC’s SDGs report can be found here.

NESF – ESG Report

As a sustainable listed equity fund, NextEnergy Solar Fund (NESF) is committed to high level of engagement and transparency with our stakeholders.

Full details of NESF ESG reporting can be found here.

NPIII – Green Impact Report

Our ESG approach for NextEnergy Power III (NPIII) fund include a commitment to report on our contribution to mitigate climate change. We have appointed the Green Investment Group (GIG) to prepare a Green Impact Report to include information on  the Portfolio’s emission avoided: greenhouse gas (‘GHG’) emissions, emissions to air, and fossil fuels. consumption (together, the ‘Green Impact’).

The report can be found here.