» Victor Zanni

Victor joined NextEnergy Capital in May 2009 as Administration Manager, responsible for the administration and corporate company management of all the projects developed by NextEnergy Capital Group.

Victor worked closely with the project team and the lending institutions. He managed the corporate activities for WiseEnergy, the group Asset management, and their investment vehicles for over 7 years. During the extensive experience that he has gained over the years in the solar industry he developed his skills in any GSE-related situations.

Recently, Victor was appointed to several Boards of Directors for the Italian SPVs, in charge of corporate and administrative activities for which he has accumulated vast experience. He assists the Portfolio Managers in their day-to-day activities as well.

Before joining NextEnergy Capital, he had had an experience of eight years in financial accounting and controlling administration while working as sole director for his own company. At the University he studied aerospace engineering.