Asset Management

NextEnergy Capital undertakes asset and portfolio management activities through its subsidiary WiseEnergy International Limited. WiseEnergy is the leading renewable energy asset manager globally, managing a portfolio worth c.€6.0bn comprising more than 1,300 plants with more than 1.8GW of installed renewable energy capacity.

  • Founded in 2008, WiseEnergy is the largest renewable energy operator and the only fully integrated asset management company providing a complete range of technical, financial, administrative and operational services
  • WiseEnergy is the leading player in assisting Banks and other debt providers in managing their renewable energy debt portfolios
  • WiseEnergy provides plant owners with outsourcing solutions to protect and enhance the long-term quality and performance of their Investments
  • The Company has developed proprietary monitoring methodologies, portfolio performance review and asset management solutions to assist banking clients and sponsors in implementing the highest standards in risk management practice
  • A multidisciplinary team of some 35 professionals with Italian offices in Milan, Rome and Palermo and an international presence with offices in the UK is able to support our customers worldwide

For more information, visit WiseEnergy’s website.